ECOtanka Sports Lid


The ECOtanka Sports Lid is a plastic lid made from PP#5 which is considered to be one of the safest plastics for food.  This lid is BPA FREE, it is also BPS & BPF FREE.  ( The industry removed BPA from polycarbonate plastics and changed to BPS or BPF which is in fact just as bad as BPA!  )

This lid can fit almost all bottles except the megaTANKA bottle and is best suited for the single wall bottles because the dust cover does not fit the thermoTANKA bottles.

ECOtanka PP#5 sports lid
ECOtanka PP#5 sports lid
ECOtanka PP#5 sports lid

ECOtanka Sports Lid Advantages

The sports lid was designed to be leak-proof and more environmentally-friendly compared to many other lids on the market.  The advantages of this lid are as follows:
- 3 sealing points, which makes it much harder for your lid to leak.
- Dust cover keeps your drinking area clean and safe.
- Replaceable sipper parts turn your lid into a new lid saving you money and environmental waste.
- The main body is made with a special type of plastic that is 20x stronger than standard plastic.
- All parts are replaceable and raw materials are high-quality materials from Germany, USA, Japan or Singapore.

ECOtanka sports lid sipper replacement part

Replacement Sippers

ECOtanka provides a replacement set of 4-pack sippers for renew your sports lid when the sipper part has worn out from use or been chewed on.   

Lid Specifications

The ECOtanka sports Lid is made from a few different materials that are sourced all over the world and imported into China.

The sports lid has 4 parts that are made from different materials respectively as follows:
   - The main body is made from PP#5 (Polypropylene) but is of a special and expensive type which makes the lid 20x stronger.  Origin: Japan or Singapore.
   - The sipper part is made from a high-quality material called TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) food grade.  Origin: USA.
   - The dust cover has been made from a special form of PE (Polyethylene) to be strong and flexible. Origin: Taiwan.
   - The silicone seal is of high-quality food-grade silicone. Origin: Germany.

 This lid is BPA, BPS, BPF FREE, also free from Antimony (sb), DEHA, DEHP & Phthalate.

All of our materials are tested once every 5 years with an independent third-party lab, SGS Shanghai China.  All material orders are tracked and traced using a BOM (Bill of Materials) system so we can trace back to the raw supplier for any problem that we may find for its safety.  2018, July SGS Report,​​​​​​​​​​ 2018, July BV BPA & BPS Report

ECOtanka PP#5 sports lid group

Care Instructions:

ECOtanka sports lid is a very easy care lid, simply wash and rinse well the same as for your dishes.   This lid is dishwasher safe and can be sterilised with boiling water.


The packaging for all ECOtanka products is 100% Plastic-FREE and environmentally-friendly. From Factory to End Consumers, Less Packaging Waste.
To learn more about our packaging, please click here. 

2 Year Warranty

All ECOtanka products come with a 2-year warranty against faulty manufacturing.  If you have a problem with your bottle or lid, you can contact us or find out more information here:


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