Aaron Broderick, the Owner of ECOtanka, purposely went and lived in China for 7 continuous years near the factories in order to manage and control the manufacturing of all ECOtana products. 

He's learned all the ins and outs the hard way, and gained a great knowledge of products and manufacturing practices of "Made-in-China". He's been working with factory owners, with workshop managers, with Chinese engineers, with product designers, with QC stuff, with truck drivers, with assembly line workers, ... during his time in China, all in the goal to bring out the best quality stainless steel products to you and for the long-term benefit of our Earth.

ECOtanka team has been implementing strict rules and standards to all the supplying factories. Now we have a full-trained team on the ground to do quality assurance in production, 100% quality checking on production line and a final shipping QC inspection before each shipment has been sent out to you. 

We proudly present the whole range of ECOtanka products to you. Moreover, Aaron has been working with all the ECOtanka team to develop new products, which will be introduced into the market very soon! 

The simple fact is that aluminium bottles are inferior to stainless for a variety of safety and reliability reasons. First, raw aluminium has been linked through many studies to Alzheimer's Disease, requiring such bottles to use a protective inner coating or lining. Aluminium bottle manufacturers use an oven enamel to coat their bottles to prevent the aluminium from leaching. While these linings appear to be reliable, it's possible the lining will flake off over time...especially if the bottle is dented or exposed to extreme environments. And it's not dish-washer safe.