ECOtanka Packaging

All ECOtanka packaging has been redesigned to achieve a set standard across all products to make our products more environmently-friendly for our planet.  Our standards are as follows:

-> All products are packed in a natural cardboard box with no extra coatings or other chemicals, which also makes it easy to be recycled.

-> All packaging printing is one-colour print with only the needed information using an eco-friendly ink.

-> We have added a 3-layer inner liner to our main packaing to help reduce extra packaging waste and to get rid of the need for added plastic packing to our products when they have to be posted to a customer in order to reduce the pollution.  This way the overall packaging is less, which indeed provides a cost saving solution for our retailers and our end consumers.   The 100% biodegradable packaging allows our products to be shipped from factory to the end consumers with no extra packaging needed.   We see this design as a win-win-win for everyone.

-> We have replaced our corn-starch biodegradable bottle bags with strong food-grade paper bags with no coatings on the inside or outside, and with food-grade glue.  Many customers ask us why we even need a bag for the bottle.  The reason is that the bottle will get lots of scratch marks on the outer surface before it reaches the end consumer.  We want our products to get to you in the same perfect condition in which they left the factory.