Custom Logo Branding

Bulk Orders

(these orders are direct from our factory, time to be allowed)

Shared-branding - orders 504+. We can share-brand our products with your logo and this can be done on all of our stainless steel ECOtanka single wall and double-walled vacuum bottles, also our stainless steel lids. Only your company logo will be on the bottles and the Standard ECOtanka information will be laser printed on the bottom of all bottles in small text.

Shared-branding packaging - all orders will be delivered with an ECOtanka care instruction sheet. All products are protected with an environmentally friendly paper bag and packaging will include a 6 pack inner carton which will include 4 inner cartons to a shipping carton.

Full-branding - orders 3,000+. We can do full branding of your logo on all ECOtanka Products including bottles, lids, cups, lunch boxes, and covers with full packaging designed as per your requirements. ECOtanka brand will not be displayed on any product.

Full-branding packaging - all orders will be delivered with a personalised care instruction sheet. All products are protected with an environmentally friendly paper bag along with a full colour printed personalised box or custom printed 6 pack inner carton. All orders will have a fully custom-designed shipping carton. Any other requirements can be included.

Your Project - If you have your own project and need help to get it moving get in touch.

Please contact us directly for all bulk orders.     Tel: +64 3 668 5264     Email:

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