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About the 350ml Coffee Cup

The ECOtanka coffee cup was designed to encourage the change over from a paper cup to a reusable cup that is very much the same size and design as a paper cup.

The three main important design features we focused on are to keep a similar size as the standard 350ml paper cups, to make the top rim with the rolled edge in order to fit the standard 90mm single-use lids, and, of course, to give a comfortable and familiar drinking experience of most paper cups on the market. 

The cup also fits nicely under most coffee-making machines which is another functional point. 

Video Demonstration

Coffee Cup With PP Push-On Lid

Coffee Cup With Bamboo & S.S. Lid

Coffee Cup With Single Use Lid

ECOtanka Push-On PP Lid

A Step-up from Single-Use to Multiple-Use

Design Feature: The ECOtanka coffee cup's unique design allows it to fit most of the standard-and-currently-used 90mm single-use lids on the market, keeping the look and drinking experience much the same as a disposable paper cup. Some customers may prefer the familiar single-use lid until they want to fully move across to a reusable lid.

Once the drink is finished, the ECOtanka coffee cup along with the single-use lid can both be cleaned to be reused. From our observations, one single-use lid can be reused multiple times before it needs replacing. 

The ECOtanka Reusable Push-On PP Lid

ECOtanka has also designed a functional and reusable Push-On PP Lid made from high-grade PP#5 plastic (Japanese Material) that can handle high temperatures to keep drinks hot for longer in cold climates.

The Push-On PP lid has been designed to fit over the top-rolled rim (edge) much the same way the single-use lid does.  The lid is mostly leakproof at a temperature of 72 degrees Celsius and below.  

The opening of the drinking area is much bigger than the single-use lids and an air hole allows for great drinking flow.

All spare parts of the lid will be available for customers to purchase to reduce plastic waste in the environment.  All silicone seals have been made using a very high-grade German silicone and heat-treated to EU standards.

Bamboo & Stainless Steel Lid

The bamboo and stainless-steel lid provides an alternative to plastic lids, making the cup 100% pure and environmentally friendly.

The lid is about 99% spill-proof. Please watch the video demonstration to see its performance.  

Using the bamboo & S.S. lid will keep your drink hot much longer than any other lid.  To use this lid, the cup can only be filled to 320ml in volume due to the lid depth needed for the seal to lock the lid on.

The bamboo is made from sustainable resources, the stainless steel is 304 18/8 and the silicone seal is a very high-grade German silicone.  The silicone seal can also be replaced to keep the lid from ending up in landfills.

Copper-Coated Inner Layer

With the outer surface of the inner layer cup coated in copper, it helps to reduce heat transfer loss from the inner layer to the outer layer especially where the outer layer and inner layer are connected.  The copper coating also helps to keep your drink hot or cold for longer.​​​​​​​

Vacuum Insulation

The gap between the inner and the outer layer is the area we vacuum, meaning we extract all the air from this area to prevent heat transfer from the inner through the gap to the outer layer, and that is the main insulation of the cup.  This process is what allows you to hold and drink from the cup without feeling the real temperature inside the cup.​​​​​​

ECOtanka Reusable Push-On PP Lid on 90mm Paper Cup

The ECOtanka Reusable Push-on PP Lid also fits all paper cups with an opening diameter of 90mm.  

The advantage of using our Push-on PP lid on a paper cup offers the following:

  • Less plastic will be thrown away into OUR environment.
  • 99% Spill-proof
  • Better drinking flow than a single-use lid.
  • Keeping your drink hot longer.

For more information, please see the above or the video. ​​​​​​​

Car Cup Holders

The ECOtanka 350ml Coffee Cup will fit most car cup holders thanks to its size and its unique slim design, SMALL and HANDY.

With a cup firmly placed within a cup holder, you can be confident of its stability.

Different-Angle Views

Click the images below to view zoom-in images.

ECOtanka 350ml Coffee Cup
ECOtanka 350ml Coffee Cup
ECOtanka 350ml Coffee Cup
ECOtanka 350ml Coffee Cup

Thermal Temperature Reading with Plastic Lid

NOTE: The white colour is the hottest colour while the blue is the coolest colour.  The colour you see on the cup, which is directly facing towards the jug, is a reflection of the heat from the jug.

ECOtanka Coffee Cup Temperature Reading

Room Temperature

ECOtanka Coffee Cup Temperature Reading

Jug Temperature

ECOtanka Coffee Cup Temperature Reading

Cup Lid Temperature

Thermal Temperature Reading with Bamboo & Stainless Steel Lid

ECOtanka Coffee Cup Temperature Reading

Room Temperature

ECOtanka Coffee Cup Temperature Reading

Jug Temperature

ECOtanka Coffee Cup Temperature Reading

Cup Lid Temperature

Custom Services

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about our coffee cup paint to your colour with your logo and packaging.  

ECOtanka has over 16 years of experience in manufacturing, QA, QC, Pre-Shipping Inspections, Shipping Globally, Import, and Export.   

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